Social Security Disability

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In addition to representing injured workers, Mr. Blackaby assists disabled individuals seeking Social Security disability benefits.  Dean is available on a limited basis to represent individuals through the Administrative Law Judge phase of the application process.

If you also have a workers' compensation claim, it is essential to have counsel who understands how Social Security disability and workers' compensation may impact one another.  In addition, the application for Social Security disability benefits can significantly impact your ability to settle your workers' compensation claim.  This is particularly true when you actually are awarded benefits and later become eligible for Medicare.

Representation is performed on a contingent fee basis subject to the current cap on fees established by the Social Security Administration.


Since 1996, Montana Work Comp Solutions has been creating options for parties in dispute. Removing barriers, solving problems. Attorney Dean Blackaby is committed to generating the best result based on the facts and the goals of his client. All fees for injured workers are contingent fees regulated by the Montana Department of Labor. Fees are collected based on the benefits obtained by the attorney. Fees for mediation and settlement consultation are based on hourly charges.


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