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The Video Library contains short, to the point, videos on a variety of topics covering the fundamentals of Montana workers' compensation for injured workers; principles of Medicare Secondary Payer compliance for adjusters and attorneys.

The Legal Resources page provides links to primary and secondary sources of law including statutes, administrative regulations, case law as well as key administrative agencies for Montana workers' compensation and Medicare Secondary Payer issues.

The Medical Resources Page includes links to general medical resources such as Web MD and  Also included is the Montana Medical Directory with links to the sites of a variety medical providers and clinics across the state of Montana.

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Since 1996, Montana Work Comp Solutions has been creating options for parties in dispute. Removing barriers, solving problems. Attorney Dean Blackaby is committed to generating the best result based on the facts and the goals of his client. All fees for injured workers are contingent fees regulated by the Montana Department of Labor. Fees are collected based on the benefits obtained by the attorney. Fees for mediation and settlement consultation are based on hourly charges.


The Montana Workers' Compensation Act is a complex mixture of statutes, case law and local custom. You should seek the advice of an experienced attorney who has worked on all sides of the Montana system. Call Toll Free 888.779.1898 for a FREE CONSULTATION.