Since 1996, Dean Blackaby has been handling workers'' compensation claims and making difficult things simple by resolving Montana workers' compensation claims.  While obtaining his Montana law license, he worked as a workers' compensation claims adjuster and then spent 1996 through 2006 representing Montana's injured workers.  From 2006 to 2014, Dean provided legal counsel to the Montana State Fund helping to resolve both simple and complicated claims on a daily basis.  Mr. Blackaby is now, once again, representing injured workers and disabled individuals with an emphasis on workers exposed to asbestos in the Libby, Montana region.

Because of his experience, Mr. Blackaby also provides mediation and settlement consulting services to ALL parties involved in workers' compensation claims with a special interest in those claims involving Medicare set-asides, conditional payments under the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and annuities.

Mr. Blackaby has provided training on workers' compensation and Medicare set-asides to the Montana Trial Lawyers Association, the California Applicants' Attorney Association and the Arizona Trial Lawyer Association. He has provided training to attorneys and adjusters in 10 states regarding settlement of cases in compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and has written two manuals on the topic.

Montana Work Comp Solutions provides legal representation, mediation and settlement consulting services throughout Montana while providing Medicare Secondary Payer compliance and training services nationally.

Mr. Blackaby is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and is a member of the Montana Bar and the American Bar Association.

Dean resides in Whitefish, Montana after spending 21 years in Helena.  He and his wife, Janet, have four children.

Move. Solve.  Contact him toll free at 888.779.1898.


Since 1996, Montana Work Comp Solutions has been creating options for parties in dispute. Removing barriers, solving problems. Attorney Dean Blackaby is committed to generating the best result based on the facts and the goals of his client. All fees for injured workers are contingent fees regulated by the Montana Department of Labor. Fees are collected based on the benefits obtained by the attorney. Fees for mediation and settlement consultation are based on hourly charges.


The Montana Workers' Compensation Act is a complex mixture of statutes, case law and local custom. You should seek the advice of an experienced attorney who has worked on all sides of the Montana system. Call Toll Free 888.779.1898 for a FREE CONSULTATION.